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The Howard Davis Farm Trust

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The history of what is now known as the Howard Davis Farm can be traced back to the 16th century, but it was in 1927 that T B Davis bought the farm (then known as Parkfield). Although born in the Island, he had gathered considerable wealth as the proprietor of a worldwide stevedoring business. Whilst he contributed large amounts of his wealth to his adopted hometown of Durban in South Africa, he also became a considerable benefactor to his native Island.

In 1929, T B Davis gifted the property to the States of Jersey on the understanding that it should be used as an experimental centre for the development and study of agriculture and for the instruction of young Jersey people and other interested parties in the science of agriculture. The property, later named Howard Davis Farm after T B Davis’ son Howard, who was killed at a very young age at the Battle of the Somme in 1916, was accepted by the States and used for that purpose over successive years.

In 2009, with the declining need for crop trials and experimentation, the States, after consultation with the Davis family, agreed to abrogate the covenant to allow the leasing of the land for appropriate uses. It was also agreed for part of the proceeds from any leases to be remitted to a Trust incorporated with objects that would also reflect and augment the objects and spirit of the original gift.

The Howard Davis Farm Trust was launched in 2009, chaired by the Great Granddaughter of T B Davis, with two other family members and four local trustees. The Trustees consider applications in the spirit and intentions of T B Davis, and award direct financial assistance for appropriate training, research and projects in every aspect of agriculture, horticulture, together with protection, enhancement, monitoring, training and research relating to the natural environment.

Since its formation, the Howard Davis Farm Trust has considered over 150 applications and awarded financial assistance to many individuals and organisations for training and projects deemed to be consistent with the objectives of the Trust. This has included conservation initiatives, dairy farming and milk production, agricultural training, lecturer and conference sponsorship, horticulture projects, veterinary science, animal husbandry, woodland management, wildlife study and protection, machinery skills and other related projects.

The Trust welcomes applications for grants, and application forms can be obtained from:-

Mr Paul Tucker MBE,
Secretary for the Howard Davis Farm Trust,
Rue de Samarès,
St Clement,
JE2 6LS.