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For your information:

WHAT will RURAL POST include?

  • Mainly it is an extension to RURAL – Jersey Country Life magazine, with a similar balance between material relating to the Jersey countryside and to local community and culture.
  • It will provide a way of disseminating more topical or newsworthy material than is possible to do in the format of a periodic ‘glossy magazine’.
  • It will notify readers about any events being organised by us, such as the ‘What’s for Dinner?’ speaker event series on alternative ways forward for food and farming.
  • It may also contain information from time to time about ‘RURAL’ (Crosby Media and Publishing Ltd) and its website ( that recipients may find of use and of interest.

WHAT will RURAL POST not include?

  • It will not bombard recipients with tiresome ‘special offers’;
  • It will not do direct marketing in any aggressive or intrusive form;
  • It will most certainly NEVER divulge your e-mail address or other contact details to any third party.