Sweet Talking

Mar 13, 2017


The Centenary lecture programme pf the Jersey Beekeepers Association starts ion 24 March. This is the first of a series of public talks about honey bees, the threats to their welfare, and that of other pollinators, and what we can do to halt their decline. Giving the talks are leading UK scientists, researchers and campaigners.

The first lecture in the series is: ‘The Honey Bee, Predators, Parasites, Pests and Pathogens.’ The speaker was Dr Giles Budge PhD, of Newcastle University.

The dates, speakers and subjects of the future talks in this series are: Thursday 11 May, 7:30pm at  Royal Jersey Showground, Trinity.  The speaker: Dr Michael Garratt PhD,  Senior Research Fellow in Agri-Environment Studies, University of Reading with the working title: ‘A Place for Pollinators.’

Friday 10 November 7:30pm at Royal Jersey Showground, Trinity. The speaker: Paul da Zilv. The working title. ‘On Being Bee Minded’

Friday 19 January2018: same time and location:  TBA.

The series is sponsored by the Howard Davis Farm Trust.

For further details, contact Bob Hogge. E-mail rnhogge@gmail.com; mobile,   07797765113