Marine Resources Panel agrees bass protection plan

Jan 20, 2016






The Marine Resources Panel has agreed a package of legislative measures to protect Jersey’s bass stocks.

At a meeting on Monday 18 January, the Panel agreed that since the EU has not yet published a new regulation confirming additional measures agreed at the December EU fisheries council, it should recommend to the Minister for Environment that he continues with the package of measures that is currently in process. These measures consist of:

Increase in minimum size to 42cm

Maximum three fish per day per person for recreational fishermen

Maximum limit of 50 hooks set on the beach

Maximum limit of 100 metres of net set on the beach

Increase to 110mm minimum mesh size for nets set on the beach

In addition, there will be a ban on winter pelagic trawling. And the Minister for Economic Development has agreed to draft a change to the Policing of Beaches regulations to remove an exemption for driving on the beach to transport fishing equipment. In future, a permit will be required.

Under the current Fisheries Management Agreement, some regulations must have the agreement of the UK Secretary of State, which has already been requested. Once this is complete, the regulations will be lodged with the States Greffe and the draft legislation submitted for debate in the States. 

Any decision on further protective measures will be put off until confirmation is received that the EU has published the new regulation.