Jersey Poultry and Ornithological Society

Jan 22, 2016



THE Winter Show of TheJersey Poultry and Ornithological Society is taking place at the Royal Jersey Showground, Trinity on Saturday 30 January.  It will be open from 10am to 4pm and will include a variety of classes for rabbits, guinea pigs, poultry, ducks, budgies, foreign birds, pigeons etc.  It is a real treat for the children who always love to pat the animals.

A raffle will be held and a table top sale is being run in half of the hall.

Refreshments will be available during the day.

All are  very welcome and the club is always looking for new members and competitors, so if you have a rabbit or poultry please ask for details at the show.  Several shows are held during the year and the Society is always pleased to give details of membership etc.

The show takes place from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 30 January.