The general manager of Acorn Enterprises, Steve Pearce, is celebrating 30 years in the job. He talked to Caroline Spencer At the age of 23 Steve Pearce had a job lined up to grow gladioli in Zambia. But before he left Jersey for Africa, he had an interview for a job that was to change […]

EUNE FROUQU’THÉE D’JÈRRIAIS- (A forkful of Jèrriais)

We continue our series of article in Jèrriais – Jersey’s own traditional native language. The ‘frouque’ in question is a digging fork, rather than a table fork. An English translation follows. This contribution comes from Aline Cattermole Des mémouaithes du lockdown Nos v’là don à la fîn du mais d’Janvyi, tout pliein d’espé tandi qué […]