Is there honey still for Tea?

The Jersey Beekeeper’s Association is still buzzing after 100 years, says its former chairman, BOB HOGGE NOW part of Genuine Jersey and having recently become a registered charity, the Jersey Beekeepers Association has over 100 members, who between them manage over 400 hives. As JBKA new President, Dr Tim du Feu explained: ‘The disease, American […]

Potential global first for new rural support scheme

Jersey’s new Rural Economic Strategy (RES) 2017-2021 was published on 14 February and could be a world first. The plan proposes changes to the way rural businesses receive financial support from the States. It is expected that all farms receiving financial support from the States will be part of the Leaf Global Standard within three […]

• First water quality tests in 2017 similar to 2016

THE first water quality tests for the 2017 growing season show that levels of pesticides in untreated water are similar to those recorded last year. Oxadixyl, last used in 2003, was detected in 2016 throughout Jersey’s untreated water sources. Recent monitoring has also picked up azoxystrobin, metribuzin and glyphosate. Testing of water continues all year […]

• Avian flu risk is ‘low but uncertain’ and current measures remain in place

THE risk of an outbreak of avian influenza (also known as avian flu or bird flu) remains low but uncertain, and the States Veterinary Officer is advising no change to the current measures in place. As in low risk areas in England, the recommendation remains to minimise contact between domestic poultry and wild birds. Where […]