Zinc etchings of Jersey agricultural scenes

JODIE CARNEY, a Jersey artist currently studying in New Zealand, has completed some zinc plate etchings of Jersey agricultural scenes that aim to encourage more interaction with local culture and native plants.As she is currently living in New Zealand, she has made the paper from traditional Maori flax fibre extraction techniques and the ink from […]

Through the heart of Jersey: St Mannelier to St Anastase

An account of this walk from St Saviour to St Peter appeared in the Autumn 2013 issue of RURAL – Jersey Country Life magazine,necessarily abbreviated because of constraints on space. The full text follows below. The author is PHILIP STEVENS ‘So much of Jersey is built up, that it comes as a surprise that you […]

New rules safeguard animal welfare during transport

NEW rules governing the welfare of animals being transported for commercial reasons come into force in Jersey as from the beginning of February.The new regulations mean anyone moving animals by car or van, plane or boat, as part of their job, or to sell them, must have authorisation from the Animal Health and Welfare Section […]

Bursaries available to Islanders to undertake project abroad

A BURSARY of up to £2,000 could be available to a candidate selected by the Jersey Scientific Exploration Society.In 2012 the society launched a programme to provide a bursary to help a young Jersey person, over 18 years of age, to undertake a worthwhile project overseas and engender in the individual a spirit of adventure. […]

Royal progress update

An update on the planting season from William Church, sales and marketing director at the Jersey Royal Company: ‘Planting has come to a standstill this week as we have been under a deluge of rain with over 1 ½ inches having fallen since Sunday. The ground is currently sodden and will need a couple of […]

Wet weather advice for livestock owners

THE States Vet is advising Islanders looking after livestock to take extra care of their animals in the wet weather. Long periods of wet weather can be a problem if animals are not fit and healthy and receiving a balanced diet. Like humans, animals thrive best on a balanced diet and members of the public […]