FORAGING WITH Kazz Padidar. This is an expansion of an article that appeared in the November 2013 issue of RURAL magazine WHEN the Day of the Triffids dawns, when the Kraken Wakes, when oil ceases to flow, thus bringing to a halt both the transport system and also emptying the supermarket shelves of purchasable food, […]


This is the text of a speech by Deputy Carolyn Labey, the Jersey States Member with political responsibility for agriculture, to the third Jersey Farming Conference, November 2013: The speech was the opening address at this event, and follows below in full, as spoken: ‘I WOULD like to start my talk by saying how pleased […]

Risk from importing pets

THE States Veterinary Officer is warning people who are thinking of buying or re-homing a dog from mainland Europe or beyond that, unless they get it from a reputable source, they could end up with a big bill from the vet or risk bringing in diseases, or both. Controls on pet movements, which are in […]

Jersey leads the way in conservation efforts

JERSEY is leading the way for other Crown Dependencies and UK Overseas Territories in its work on protecting biodiversity in the Island. The UK government is encouraging all Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies, to sign up to the Convention on Biological Diversity. The issue of how many of Britain’s Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories had […]