Study shows how Jersey’s historic properties can be energy efficient

A STUDY has been published by the Department of the Environment which shows how Jersey’s older buildings can be upgraded to become more energy efficient. The Historic Buildings Energy Study Jersey report, available now on, will help the owners or tenants of historic buildings consider their options for improving energy efficiency, while also taking account of their building’s historic fabric and character.

The report was carried out by Purcell, a specialist conservation architecture company. It contains information on ways to improve the performance of historic buildings, specifically in relation to the Island's stock of historic doors and windows, and looks at other options to improve energy efficiency.

The unique nature of Jersey architecture means some energy efficiency options suit certain types of building better than others and so it takes less time to recoup the cost of upgrading the property through fuel savings.  The study assesses this and shows how best to focus resources on improving energy efficiency.

The Minister for Planning and Environment, Deputy Rob Duhamel said, ‘This study is an important contribution to understanding the need to maximise energy efficiency and conserve our historic buildings.

‘We have a unique and precious heritage which needs to be protected. But this has to be balanced against the demands for more energy efficient buildings and for Islanders to find efficient ways to heat their homes. These two aims are not incompatible and the project has set out ways in which investment in simple energy efficiency measures, as well as more comprehensive approaches, are suitable for historic homes.”

The report was commissioned with the support of, and in line with the aims of the Department of the Environment’s Energy Efficiency Service and the Jersey Energy Trust Board.

People can call the Energy Efficiency Service on 441611 to get Energy Saving Trust-accredited information on how to improve the thermal performance of their home and to find out if they qualify for grant assistance. Web