Spice ‘Treasures & Trade’ at Grouville Common


Saturday 12th September 10am-7pm & Sunday 13th September 10am-6pm.

This unique event is being hosted by Bianca Padidar & Sarah Jordan. We are delighted to announce our event is being held on the grounds at Grouville Common again, which has the potential and excellent opportunity for great attendance. Featured at the event are a number of large Mongolian Yurts that have been handmade to be used for this event. Each one will contain 8 craft workers exhibiting and trading contemporary craft and also craft workers will be in gazebos scattered around the lush grounds.

 Alongside these makers there will also be established artists and sculptors running a variety of workshops. There will be entertainment, poetry, therapists, music to suit all ages and a selection of Genuine Jersey food and drinks.

Spice ‘Treasures & Trade’ is a non-profitable event and is also being supported by Genuine Jersey, Jersey Arts Trust and Jersey Tourism.

Spice is becoming well established and it is within our interest to advertise the event to attract all types of visitors and to create a high profile festival. Our ethos is about promoting local talent and small businesses and we have been very successful in creating that so far.